Starter Button Decal

My starter button has gotton all buggered up, anyone evere changed one or put on a new decal ?

John Bald

It’s ever so easy to get out to exchange. Don’t know how much Jaguar would charge you for the part though

ok dont be shy tell me how ?

I realize that was a flippant statement. I’ll look up some pictures that I took when I tried to make a backup camera work and get back to you in a couple of days.

No prob looking forward to it


So how do I remove the button ?

So I was a bit quick with promising pictures. The ones I have are mainly about routing the cable for the dashcam except for this one with the panel already removed.

However, I remember seeing a video on YouTube and found it for you. This guy explains it very well, and probably better than I could.
The interesting part begins at 0:40.

looks easy enough thanks …plastic pry bar cool