Starter Motor Hookup Question

After a no-crank morning, I took a look at my starter motor yesterday on my '85 xj6, and the smaller cord running to the solenoid had somehow slipped off. Now, there seem to be two points it could be re-attached and I can’t find a proper wiring diagram in any of my manuals. Which of these two points is it supposed to secure to, a or b (see photo)?

Two options :

  1. Hook up to one. Does it crank ? if so. great. If not try the other.

  2. Google or search here jaguar Schematics S57. Any jaguar owner shuld have one,. Whether DIy or nt!!

Carl :

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How I remember my M100 it’s the wider spade.
If they’re the same, one is dirty and one has scratches. If you can’t tell, tap them briefly but if anything one does something and the other is just powered in crank or continuously. So it‘ll either crank or do nothing.

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I ‘think’ it is ‘b’, Hunt - but trial and error as suggested is fair enough. However, I also ‘think’ that one to be used is unpowered while the other one has power for aux’s…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

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I have a recently service starter motor for sale if you are looking. (South San Francisco).

Thanks for all the responses! I was not able to get my hands on schematics, but, after trial and error, the answer was A.