Starter motor source V12

I am trying to locate a starter motor for my 1990 XJS V12 after I found the current motor to be bad (separate post). Checked all the usual suppliers - NLA. The old one is a Bosch remanufactured unit Model SR9492X, the OEM is DBC6924E (I think). Any suggestion for a reliable source? Thanks!!!

Google those numbers and see what pops up?

FWIW, my experience in the last 10-15 years is that having your own starter (or alternator) rebuilt locally is a more reliable choice than buying off- the-shelf units.

Or, in this case, perhaps the only choice?



According to my 1990 XJ-S Parts Catalogue the Jaguar part number for the 5.3L V12 starter motor is DAC4334. I just checked the Moss Motors and Welsh Enterprises websites and they appear to carry them. Where in the world do you live (this is an international list) and what suppliers did you check?


Moss Motors has them, especially the high torque replacements that are far lighter and more powerful. I bought one of the Wosp brand starters from them, and am very satisfied.

I’ll be yarding my 20lb behemoth out in two weeks to swap out for a British Auto parts gear reduction starter. The long turnovers get a little annoying after a while.

@Doug: Yes I googled and whoever popped up I checked their website. Most showed “backorder”. I am right now checking with a local rebuilder and see him tomorrow.

@Paul: I was starting my research with the Bosch part number ( and that referred to “DBC6924E”) of the old starter. I also called SNG and Welsh and based on my VIN they told me NLA. Welsh told me about the gear reduction version but also currently on backorder. I am in the U.S.

@Jon: Checked Moss website and found the Hi-torque starter however was not sure if this is a straight bolt on. Is it? This is indeed an option.

Boy, I would have never thought that it would be that difficult to find a starter for the car…
Thank you all for your feedback!

Sng Barratt lists as in stock…. But check the ship to home option in Advance Auto, looks like it’s available for less dough.

This is the one I got:

Jon, is this a straight fit?

Stephan…if i understand correctly things i have read about doing starter R&R, that top bolt on the starter needs a 12 point socket

@JimD: In my car the top bolt has a 7mm Allen. It was not so difficult to get the starter out. I spent the most time on the exhaust downpipes. Total time to hold the starter in hand: 2hrs

That’s interesting.

OK dumb question Besides reliability whats your. Criteria for a good starter? How are you landing on the brand you’re looking at?
Just curios ?

Yes. Just leave off the heat shield for the starter, as this starter is much smaller, and the shield is not necessary.

I recently had an alternator light go on in my pickup. Instantly thought about buying a new alternator.

I realized two things.

  1. All the things I’ve done to automobiles rebuilding an alternator is nothing.

  2. $389.00 is a lot of money.

Set of brushes less than $10 at NAPA.
Never occurred buying a rebuilt. Made that mistake twice many years ago.

Will try my hand rebuilding a starter in the future should the need arise.

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I see Rockauto is also out of stock on all the different XJS V12 starters they sell.

Do the aftermarket high torque geared starters, like the Wosp, spin the V12 faster then the OEM starter?

They spin the engine a little faster. The big benefit is that they are lighter, smaller, made of new components, and utilize modern starter design practices. Almost all modern starters are geared because of the above benefits.

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So I finally was able to identify a local rebuilder. He disassembled the starter and found the problem to be a worn planetary gear (see photos). This gear - made of some kind of composite - is hard to get which may explain why these starters are NLA. BTW, this is a Lucas starter.
I just picked up the starter and will install tomorrow

Thanks for all the support and comments