Starter problem fixed 1995 XJ6

Some may remember my ID problem on the starter topic, the access from the rear for the top starter bolt etc. Turned out the starter itself was not the issue at all. I failed to find the terminal on the firewall for starter main lead, it comes thru the car from the battery in the trunk/boot. On USA cars it’s on the right side of the firewall and easy enough to see had I looked. just needed a clean and tighten. I saved the starter for future use by the next owner probably. I had checked the battery multiple times and all the ground/earth connections. mostly it would engage and turn over very nice but now and then it was click, click, click. Usually, a jump start from my Jeep would do the trick, also installed a new battery i didn’t need. I hope someone can benefit from my experience. BTW to further complicate my problem the alternator was failing too. the battery was not always at 12.6 volts. the lower voltage did not like the bad connection… Another thing i learned was the cruise control quits working at lower voltage as well. Never too old to learn!

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Sorry since my X300 was totalled and I follow the S Type Forum along with almost zero technical issues to solve or add to, I along with many of the Old School have tended not to visit and I didn’t pick up on you post, that problem was well chewed over many years back!
Pays to thoroughly trawl the J-L Archives and the Web.
I’m not too interested in taking on the might of Amercan opinion in the Pub or Lounge!
Mea culpa

thought I had done a search of the archives; I must improve on doing so. Thanks for the message. I was certainly surprised none had ever mentioned that lug/terminal should be checked. I learn more about the car all the time, still it remains a pleasure to drive
Steven Phelps

It’s not user friendly and it may not have transferred from the Old site.