Starter relay on the original S-type

Is there a starter relay on the S-type?
The inside starter button is desd but the one in the engine bay works.
Shorting the 2 wires to the inside starter button, doesn’t help. All I hear is a vague click from somewhere…

Not from memory, fairly sure that it is a direct connection, years ago I opened mine up to clean the contacts when I was having a problem.

Peter Jan

oh, so the wires from the cabin starter button passes this unit/relay, which canbe broken, or have a bad connection, and yet be functional in rhat I could start the engine by pressin the button (here in the engine bay)…!?!

The later S-type’s did not have the MK2 style starter relay, with the rubber end.
There you can manually push on the relay button to start they engine.
You should measure if the 12v from the button inside reaches the relay.
Could also be a faulty coil of the relay itself

Peter Jan

Does anyone have the C number for the engine room starter relay, with the rubber covered button?

C20367 according to my parts manual.