Starter short (?) when hot

Hi All

Yesterday I came back from a nice long run up to Cardiff and back (avoided the M5, so had a nice scenic route), I suppose about 160 miles. I parked the car in front of the pub for some lunch, but they were full.
So we jumped in the car and it would not start, justa solenoid click. I opend the bonnet to try and tap the starter, but noticed the earth cable was super hot and the solenoid was slightly melted around one of the connections - an obvious short? I tried again and the car did turn over, but I didnt catch it to get it started. Had a shandy and think, but then went back to the car when it was cool and it started straight back up, and I was able to get home.

Any ideas what might be the problem - I am going out now to check the wiring and earth, or is it likely to be the solenoid or the started with a heat related short? Kind of hard to even see the started without a lift/jack and stands?


Cables do get hot when you crank the engine for a long time ,
As for the melted part , maybe a new part , not up for the job , or could be a lose terminal , that would explain the not starting ! :thinking:

Thanks Ian
I had a good look yesterday and cables and connections to the solenoid looked OK. The connection to the back of the starter was a little loose so I have tightened that. I also have some new boots for the cables and a solenoid on order. The car had had some decent use since and the problem has not re-occured, so fingers crossed.

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