Starter spinning, no crank

While working on a fuel injection problem I needed to start the engine several times within a few minutes. Eventually, I heard the starter spinning but the solenoid did not engage so the engine was not cranking. Other than replacing the starter, are there other potential causes for this? The battery is about one year old.

Sorry forgot to mention: 1990 XJS V12 Marelli

Re charge the battery and see if the problem is still there.

Robin: Will do tomorrow. Checked battery with battery tester, between “good” and “weak”. Probably not the battery but I will know tomorrow for sure. Thanks

if the starter motor is spinning that means the solenoid is engaging to transfer power from power in @ solenoid to starter motor, if there’s no actual cranking it’s either the drive gear isn’t engaging into the flywheel gear (which would be noisy) or the clutch on the drive gear is slipping, if the battery was low it wouldn’t spin the starter.

OK, it is not the battery. So based on the feedback I have to conclude that the starter is bad…
I appreciate the feedback! Thanks!

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