Starting: should I be worried?

Hello all, X308 1998 79,000 miles. My unlock button on the remote has broken so I use the key which means I get the alarm bong when i open the door and have to get the key in the ignition quickly to avoid the alarm going off.
Today after washing it I unlocked it, got the key in and turned until the lights went on, but the alarm went off. I continued starting but it didn’t start. I turned the key off, and then retried, it started and the alarm stopped.
Later, when I did the same, the same thing happened again except the alarm didn’t go off, but I had to turn the key off, and then on again.
Later still when I was still in the car, I turned it off and then on again. It did start first go, but there was a slight delay after turning the key before the starter motor went on.
Any one had this before? I’m a bit worried if I go somewhere I won’t be able to start it. Not sure whether it’s the chip in key/immobiliser/security system, a faulty earth, starter motor. If it was the starter motor i would have thought it wouldn’t start the second time I tried.
After I started it this morning and drove it down the drive to wash, it stalled, which it’s never done before, but that might be totally unrelated, and it started first time immediately.
Any thoughts would be most appreciated, thanks, Simon

Low batteries everywhere…Charge or replace your main car battery and clean your cable connections at the post and ground. Also change the batteries in your key fobs.
You should be good.
good luck

Check the ECM for P1260 Security input malfunction.

KTM to ECM circuit short circuit, high
resistance or open circuit
Loss of ignition switched power supply to
the ECM PIN EM82-09 for greater than
16 milliseconds
KTM failure
Security system incorrectly configured

Will check battery voltage but it was fully charged only a few weeks ago. Terminals seem clean. Fob shouldn’t make any difference.
I haven’t got a fault code reader. Would there be a message on the dashboard to indicate a fault registered? To read codes do you need a special machine or can I use some software on my laptop and a connector?

I’m thinking car battery too. or maybe alternator if its stalling

Checked battery, it was 12v, so that shouldn’t cause any problems. No sure why the alternator would cause it to stall, as it just wouldn’t charge the battery, not affect the running of the engine.
Update: I used the second key fob although had to reprogram it, so it unlocks the car without the key now. I tried it in the garage, and it started fine no problem. Let it warm up, turned off, waited a few minutes and tried again. Started fine. I also used a second key, but tried the first key the second time. So it seems fine now although I’m just worried I take it out and then can’t start it! I wonder whether it was just some sort of temporary blip of the security system/immobiliser with the car not recognising the key for a short time, hence the alarm going off and not starting when I turned the key. And then after that the slight delay before the starter motor turned. Question is why, and will it do it again?!

It’s your batteries my friend
Change all of them
Your other key fob has a stronger battery which the car is reading even though your first old one seems to work
Also you can have 12 volts but the plates could be weak if it’s over 4 years old change it out
The cable connection do ARC so clean them good

As far as I’m aware it’s got nothing to do with the fobs (It’s the buttons themselves that have failed on one, the batteries are fine as I put the ones from the first one into the second one.).
You can lock/unlock and start the car without the fob being anywhere near it.

Yes the buttons do stick and crush but they will feed off each other with the frequency
I’ve got a trick for you
Take the weaker fob or broken fob and touch the back antenna head
With the metal ring part of it to the top of the antenna
See what happens😍

I drove it yesterday and there wasn’t a problem at all, so maybe it was just a temporary communication problem with the key chip and the alarm/immobiliser.

seafrost…BECAUSE I love you, if it happens again AND YOU DIDNT CHANGE ALL THE BATTERIES.
Take the metal part of your key fob , the key ring part and touch the antenna top/metal top and press the button, its a direct home run to the frequency box.
Im not kidding but you should really change them all and date them , every 3 to 4 years…
Good luck