Starting xj40 Daimer 4.0 restoration

I have recently bought my first Jag… finally after being a JAG lover for years, i managed to buy a 1992 XJ40 Daimler 4.0 LHD . The car was a daily driver in recent years, so it has 200.000 kmrs on the dash but the engine and automatic gearbox are in good working conditions (i hope so :slight_smile: )
i have done a list of what does not work on the car, as i want so repair it before some internal and bodywork restoration:

    The abs light turn on when i switch the key and turns off when the engine start so this is a normal behaviour. While driving if i push the brake sometimes the pad light turns on and seldomly also the ABS light , i have tried a panic stop anche the ABS does not works as the wheels lock.
    Reading on forums the problem can be a wheel abs sensor not working or the abs accumulator… any suggestion?
    Heating fan works only at maximum speed or defrosting , the heating panel seems to respond to commands.
    Here i think is the Darlington transistor failure in the fan assembly. But how can i check if both fans are running or not ?

if i turn the cruise on and set speed, the car start to accelerare very slowly and does not stabilize the speed , as it continues to speed up until i disengage the cruise. Here i have no idea of the cause and solution.

Maybe someone can help me for those issue troubleshooting?

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