Steering column extension stuck

I am not able to adjust the extension of the upper steering column CBC6464 in my 1990 xj40 sovereign. I don’t know the details of the inside arrangement to allow the extension of the steering shaft.
I would like to know if the problem could be the steering lock not allowing it to move axially or if it has a sliding joint inside the inner tube that allows the shaft to be moved . Any ideas

Does it extend or is the movement only in the vertical plane? Its a while since I had my ‘40

Not able to adjust the extension of the upper steering column in 1990

Thanks Robin , no the cbc6464 only is meant to extend. The outer tube of the upper column is fixed at the bottom. There is an inner tube and the steering shaft {s} inside that. there is a clamp at the top of the outer tube to hold the inner one from moving. when the clamp is released the inner part will not extend in my car. I don’t know why? It is a 1990 sovereign
4,0 l vin 608021.

Hello, thanks for the message . Are you telling me that the steering shaft is one piece from top to bottom and cannot be extended in the cbc6464 column assembly ?

NO extension only up or down;

My 91 Daimler only adjusts up n down not telescopic.

Thankyou Gordon , my 1990 sovereign can not be adjusted up and down and I suspect cannot be telescoped either . I just wish I had more legroom under the steering wheel.

Cheers ian

Thanks Robin , Yes that is the column I have fitted to my MY90 Sovereign. It is certainly fixed at the bottom and if it were to extend at the top end I it would have required a another design change because of the steering lock. I think I will have to consider moving the seat back a little to help getting my legs in thru the door and the front bolster.

Kind regards ian

There’s no room in these 40’s anyway and getting in and out of the car is the main reason people sell them … I just got used to it I guess!

My first ‘40 the 2.9 with sunroof caused me some discomfort because at the time whatever hair I had would brush the roof lining. That problem disappeared a few years ago :slight_smile:
I looked at the seat and there were 25mm spacers jacking up the rear, I removed those and it was a much more comfortable drive. Can’t remember if there were any under the font fixings.

Thanks Robin, I will remove mine to lwer the seat, getting out of these cars is more of a challenge after the age of 60,low and sleek road hugging big cat with agility, ive driven mine briskly through winding hills and coastal highway, pushing it, wanting to see if i could feel the 14 years of refinement /development put into this car, wow, i wasn’t disappointed, throwing it into winding corners up hills, ample power for a big low car that hugs the road, knowing the road helps as you can let it go, it certainly is a fine tuned design that makes you want to keep driving, its road holding, agility, pace, silence, stance, comfort, grace and legend makes it a car ill drive until i go into orbit, i love it, people ask me, must be thirsty on fuel,? i say, the more i put in… The better it goes.

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I found this in the 1989 Model Year change details supplied to dealers.

“Driver’s seat adjustment - Starting with VIN 578777, the powered seats circuit was revised to incorporate a driver’s seat entry switch. When activated by the switch, the driver’s seat will move rearward to allow increased entry room. When the switch is released, normal operation is returned to the circuit.”

Does your '90 not have that feature? I must admit I do not remember that feature on my '91 Sovereign - but then I didn’t need it (but I would now! :-))

Beating you by 10 years :slight_smile: I’ve moved on to a ‘99 XJR that I’ve used to do the Targa Tour, didn’t end well the last time:

Current state waiting for a new screen and then full paint;

Bryan , thankyou for the change details, it makes a lot of sense. My VIN is 608021. yes i do have an entry switch as you described. it moves the seat rearward to allow you more leg room to get out, but you then have to use the front button on the centre console to move it forward when you get in . That button moves the seat both ways. I think the steering column part number changed at the same time. Perhaps I could fit the extendable '89 column to increase clearance between the wheel and the bolster.
I could also try to improve my fitness while I stay at home avoiding the viris. Keep safe

My 94 has this feature of course but I keep it on the entry setting all the time and still would like the seat to go further back …I’m a bit of a fatty, but not 300lbs or anything!

Hi, here in Victoria (Australia) you need an approval certificate from a registered engineer for registration and insurance purposes for modifications. I have located a motor engineer in Melbourne

who tells me it is fairly minor job to alter the attachment of the drivers seat to the floor to move it backwards 100 -125 mm. The problem is the reduced leg clearance behind the driver for any passenger and I think the seat would be raised slightly too. Headroom might be a problem for taller drivers.

The electrics are not changed in any way.

I will have to look into it further.

I only have fishing gear in the back seat so no big deal and there’s very slim chance anyone up here would give a $hit if I moved the seat!

In Canada I doubt if anyone would even know or care.on a 25 year old car. However, I’m not going to move the seat mount; just wondered why they designed it like that? Test driver was a shortarse maybe?

One name comes to mind, Norm Dewis :slight_smile:

Was he a tutti fella then?