Steering Column lock problems

My MK2 has as an option the steering column lock which has two wires going in and out of it yet has numerous terminals on the back. I got stranded today and did not want to fiddle with wiring in the sun so took a ride on the local tow truck.

For those with this option, is it possible that the internal workings of this mechanism are failing and I can remove, leave it turn on and re-route the wires to the dash key?

I am going to trace the wires with a volt meter once it cools off and my wife can locate wires and their termination points.


good question.

My 420G has a Wasco steering lock option, and a key switch in the dash, push button start

I dont know if it will work with the dash key, and if I removed the column lock, what re-wiring may be needed, ( have a spare Wasco unit with key)

The MKX circuit diagram shows the separate wiring diagrams for each variant

I would see what the MK2 circuit diagram shows