Steering column rubber bush

hi all,

i have a play on steering, don’t mean during steering rotation but an all column play.

during ignition switch works founded a broken rubber bush , did you know
where i can find e new one? or a parts number ?


Looks too good to be broken? Is it installed correctly?

is a photo from a video , can’i upload directli a short video here ? is out of rules ?

thank you

You have to put it on YouTube or any other website and share the link with us.

hope this video can help !


Fair enough! If you can’t tighten it any more maybe you can either wrap a string around it or add a rubber washer or find a suitable grommet.

Already tight at maximum.

Someone knows a supplier or part number?

On picture you can see a violet cable unuset…come from ignition switch , someone know what was is for?

thank’you all