Steering hub size

I’m looking to buy a hub adapter for my jaguar so i can put a 3 spoke steering wheel on it. I was wondering what size adapter I’ll need I couldn’t find the info

The adapters are specific to the brand of steering wheel (e.g., Nardi, Grant). They are also specific to which series XJ you have–Series 3 differs from Series 1. IMHO.

I have a series 3 xj6

As Robert said, it depends on the wheel brand too. If you see a wheel you like ask the maker if it can be used on your car.

I have a wheel and hub if you PM me.

I checked the the size of the steering shaft and it looks like it is 3/4in so I think I just need a 3/4in steering hub adapter?

You must also know the spline details. Paul

Are you certain it’s not 7/8ths 0.875"

All my classic Jag wheels are that size, including the pic I sent.