Steering limits steering Rack Mk1/2

Once someone converted my Mk1 to a XJS steering rack.
But with maximum steering, the wheel rim hits the lower part of the suspension.
But with a steering rack there is no adjustment possible.
Has anyone the same issues and is there a solution?
On my S-type there are bolds where you can adjust maximum travel.

In looking at my 3.8S parts manual, I see the bolt and lock nut that controls the maximum travel and I do not believe this part of the suspension is changed when a rack conversion is done. On my car I do not have a problem with any excessive travel side to side or rubbing. I do however, note that with the rack set up the turning circle is less than with the factory steering gearbox. This is, I believe, due to the lack of Ackermann effect. The RH and LH wheels turn side to side in equal amounts which at full lock cause tire scrubbing and this is what results in the reduced turning circle.

Unfortunate the bolds/nuts that controls the travel are mounted on the original steering mounts.
Those are replaced by the mounts from the steering rack.
Even if they were still there, they would be useless anyway.

I have the same problem with the rack. So far I have not found any other solution than try
to remember that and avoid maximum steering or when hitting it, turn slightly back.

There are end spacers available for the racks to limit travel. The tab that locks the tie rod to the shaft is available plain, with thin spacer or a thick spacer. I usually use the thick spacer when putting a rack in a MK2. This is what Jaguar did with the XJS when they went to wider wheels and tires to keep them from scraping. Installing these will not change the alignment.

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Hi Dick,
Do you happen to know off hand the specs of the spacers - I.D. O.D. ? I knew about these but I’ve only seen them for Mustang II racks and some Japanese cars… Which ones fit the Jag racks?


I decided it would be easier to write a short article with pictures. Let me know if any questions:


That’s great info! I did not know there were variations of that part.

Indeed great info.
I already mailed my supplier, but JLM1458 ( the largest one ) is no longer available.