Steering rack interchangeability

Hello all,

my car is equipped with the Adwest tall tower steering rack, usually identified by the “Pow-A-Rak” stamped in. The PO put in an overhauled part in 2007. It works nicely, but started leaking some years ago and now is leaking like a seave. There are rumours that Jaguar never got these racks tight over longer periods of time. First Jaguar seem to have ZF basically re-build the original rack, and from then on the problem was gone - at least so the story goes. Later they switched entirely to ZF racks on the last XJS cars.

You guess where I’m trying to get: I’ve heard many stories from people who put in later XJS racks into their XJ sedans. Later Jaguar XJS 6.0 sports pack seem to use part JLM20169E (for RHD). Does any of you know whether this is a ZF rack and whether it fits into our series Jags? I’m aware that the ZF rack will use metric connectors for the hydraulic tubes, while my tubes are still imperial. My main concerns are the rack mounts, tie rod ends and the steering column connector. Do you have other information on suitable ZF racks?

Maybe those of you active with both XJ and XJS cars can help me out.

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75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Hello Jochen,

I just did this to a 1972 series one XJ6
It fits in the same position as the adwest rack,

1993 is the year I got my ZF rack out of, it’s a LHD version, not sure when the ZF was introduced to the RHD market.

The 93 seems to have the hoses that will work easily with a series one, but I couldn’t use the high pressure line as it had loose fittings that would have surely leaked.

If you have an early “tall tower” rack like I did, you have to get the lower steering column which easily connects to the old steering column.

Hoses from the rack, I had to bend the low pressure line to clear the mount for the engine/horn. Don’t look to close as I kinda bodged it.


Looking down at pump fittings, I found out that the used hose I got with the rack had loose fittings so I had to go with an6 hose and fittings to adapters.

The hoses end up in perfect position on the pump.

I’ll upload the images on converting the pump to metric
Which involves just changing out the female fitting on the high pressure side of the pump with a metric version.


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Thanks Carl,

beautiful work, in particular the new fitting arrangement with the angled adapter and the routing of the tubes! No chance to see the car didn’t leave Browns Lane like that!

Installation of a 1993 XJS rack is possible - that is exactly what I wanted to hear! With a RHD the routing of the pipes should be no problem. Looking forward to your pics of the pump conversion.

Could you please check the part no. of the ZF rack if you find the chance to get to it - they seem to have number plates near the pinion - that would be very helpful to search for. And as regards the lower part of the steering column - was the lower part of a 93 XJS really a drop-in replacement for a 72 XJ? I can’t believe Jaguar even used identical steering columns for XJ and XJS … What type of mounts or bushings did you use, if I may ask?

Thanks again


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Hello Jochen,

I kept the stock lower bushings in place as they are an improved design over the older style of bushing.

And frankly my bushing removal tool only worked on the upper one anyhow.

I did put a poly upper bushing from a leftover johns cars kit that I never put into my previous S1.

These poly bushes come in four pieces, two outer rings and a center piece that are connected together via a bushing for the rack mount bolt to go through.

As the late model jag bushings have a small end on them, I just used a round file to make the holes larger to accommodate the poly “washers”. image

Some use aluminum as the spacer, but I didn’t have the time to turn them on the lathe, but it would be easy
Others use poly bits from other sources. This is my ‘Daily Driver’ so any changes I do have to be quick.

There are several threads about this in the forums, quite easy to search for.

Here is the lower steering column from the XJS.
Note the placement of the bolt connecting it to the splined portion of the rack, if it isn’t in the right position, your steering wheel will be not in the proper position.

Here is the connection to the S1 column. Pushing on the spring towards the steering wheel to get the bolt through was no fun at all.

Here is the tag on the rack, also pointing out the access hole for your centering tool, I used a small screwdriver to feel for the indentation.

Saginaw pump.

I had to go back to my old one as I discovered that my rebuild from rock auto didn’t have the vanes in it!

Here is the difference of the fitting assemblies between the metric o-ring and the older non-metric inverted flare.

The exterior threads are the same for both styles, if your having trouble finding one where you are I have a spare I’ll be happy to send out to you.

Let me know if you need any more pictures or have any questions I haven’t answered.


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Another note,

In order to use the an6 line I had to cut off a tab that holds the old height pressure line in its relative position.

Wow - thanks Carl!

Are you using that workshop also for fotoshooting? - I wish Jaguar had put such pics into their ROMs …

You’re helping me a lot! Now I just need to find a similar rack with a lower column … in case anyone knows one, please let me know …

Thanks again


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

It’s a old friend of mine’s shop, it’s nice to have a lift to work with.

It’s the nature of forums, lots of information, but sometimes it’s not complete.

I’m trying to find out the pressure requirements for the ZF rack as I’d like to know if my current pump has enough Pressure.

I also wonder how many cars with the older style of rack are running replacement pumps with too much pressure and thus the leaks!



Yes Carl,

pump pressure might be an issue indeed. In my car it shouldn’t be though as it pretty much looks like the original pump. Sorry I can’t help out with the original pressure provided. Another thing that occurs to me is that the leaking got worse once I had refilled the pump reservoir with some hydraulic oil at my hands. Then next time I used the successor to Castrol TQF and the leak diminished, buying me two more years.

Thanks again


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

There is a pressure relief valve in the pump/housing assembly, Jochen - which limits pressure to some 1200 psi (at full lock). Which all racks should stand…?

The control valve in the pinion housing controls rack pressure by bleed-off to match the pressure required against tyre resistance…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

Hi Can someone tell me what these engine mounts are originally from mine are only about half that5 size but I would like to locate these larger type for my xj12

Screenshot 2023-01-09 010226

Welcome Russell,
The 6 has the larger mount, the 12 has just two ribs, so not as high, please create a new topic next time as this is off topic and very old.

Ok thanks sorry first time here