Steering rack mounting bushes

Hi all, anyone know the part number for rack mount bush set for 1991 Daimler and what these look like, preferably non rubber,is this a easy/difficult swap over. Thanks.

Fairly sure they are bonded to the rack, not a DIY job from memory.

Yep, talked to a steering rack reconditioner, remove rack to extricate old bushes,press in new🤬 thanks Robin.

Gordon …


The arrows point to the four parts of the rack that HARD BOLT onto the subframe. No bushings. As Robin stated I believe the there is a bonded rubber around the rack that attaches those two arm assemblies to the tube of the rack, but as far as I know it’s an intergral part of the rack body, not replaceable There are no mounting bushings that can be replaced. Some of the earler Series XJ-6’s did have the kind of bushing arrangement that you’re talking about.

By the way what problem are you having with your power steering rack ?

Steering rack movement when checked for Roadworthy.

Jaguar produced a remedy for this in the form of shims that are wound into the void to prevent excessive sideways movement.
Probably NLA now but anyone with access to a lathe could easily spin up a set out of delrin.
Going from memory they need to be about 1mm thick 55mm (min) ID and <>75mm OD (just measured an old rack I have outside)

Gordon …

I suggest you look under the car and see if the body of the power steering rack has any movement while someone turns the wheels left and right. You want to do this while the car is on the ground to put maximum resistance on the rack.

You can hold a mirror under the car to easily see the rack while you do this test (In PARK with the emergency brake applied if you please) I agree with Robin that this is almost assuredly the problem. But there is an outside chance that there is an internal problem inside the rack. So easy to check so why not.

Ok. Thanks guys. :+1: I have a plan of action now, Cheers.

I’ve even heard of guys doing wire wraps to close up the gap.

I used the metal wire they use to hold up chain link fencing! Perfect size if cut properly it is not even visable.

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David,is the wire replacing the bush/taking up the slack and used as packing? Not sure of placement. Thanks.
The shim/wire goes between the black area on the left and the silver in the above photo

Thanks Robin,clear as mud​:+1::smile: job done, I’ve purchased bushes manufactured by Rodney wreckers, Warkworth, will fit these as well as the good old wire for strengthening shims. Thanks alot everyone :+1::blush:. Yes it is an issue that creeps up on you, I’ve just covered over 3000 ks open road driving and didn’t notice anything wrong with steering, tracking was straight,zero drift seemed normal until you have someone under the car trying to find something wrong :slightly_frowning_face: on the positive side, Steering will now be as new :blush:

That’s where I purchased mine from when I had a WoF fail on a ‘40 I was doing Bangers to bluff with a couple of years ago, had a bit of a fight with VTNZ but they got over themselves eventually :slight_smile:

Robin, you wouldn’t know where I could get a rack from I could recondition to have as a spare?

One sitting in my yard as we speak.

Yes it is like a permanent filler if cut right you dont even see it, took two apps on my 89 xj40 but the slop is gone!

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hello, where do the washers / bushings / wire go in to equalize the air?

Stojan, have you read the posts above or have you another question and what ‘air’ are you talking about?

hello robin,
i am apparently everywhere.

The steering has a lot of play on my Xj40. the steering wobbles in its suspension.

attached pictures and a video. are there spacers or similar for this? I also read the wire was wrapped … thank you very much