Steering rack number part

I have leaks of oil from there…I must change it but in jaguar classic part there are many different types… which must I choose for my Daimler 87 3.6?

MMA3891AAE… Is this?

It’s worth your time to crawl up underneath your car with a flashlight, a rag, and your cellphone. Use the rag to wipe away the grease on the steering racks tag and take a picture of it. That is the only way to be sure that you are ordering the correct part that is on your car.

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CBC4925 therefore it is MMA3891AAE…ok! And than where Can I find it? it’s impossible, in Europe it doesn’t :sob:

I doubt that you will be able to find a new rack. Your best bet is to search EBay or some other sites where someone is selling refurbished units, or better yet, take your rack out and rebuild it yourself or have someone else rebuild it for you.

There are kit for rebuild?

From my years in Jaguar warranty, we found that rebuilding racks was never very successful, even when the displaced racks were sent to a reman facility. Due to the high failure rate (leaking) of the Adwest racks we changed suppliers to ZF at some point around 1993 as I recall. After that point all factory supplied replacements were from ZF which proved to be much more robust and long lived. Jaguar may still supply these but likely not inexpensive.

I may be wrong but AFAIK the ZF racks don’t fit cars that started life with Adwest units - problem with angle/connection to steering column?

Not sure if that’s the case with all model years but I have read it was an issue.

Larry, you could be right but I would have to do some serious digging in my old bulletins to find out for sure.

John I believe the ZF racks will work if you change the steering column too - big job though …

I didn’t find it😭 …some idea?

Max …

I have found Advantage Steering very knowledgeable and really friendly. I’ve used them several times, so look then up on the net and shoot them an email or better yet give them a call. I’m sure they can answer all your questions.

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And this?

And I once used Meridian Auto Parts to obtain a ZF rack for the conversion on my 1965 3,8S. They are in San Diego California.

Friends … it didn’t work, we rebuilt but the leak is still there, the mechanic says we need to change the steering gear. Which, number part? where could I find it in Europe, excluding England which is now extra Europe for Brexit !!

MMB3891AAE ->90-94
MMA3891AAE ->87-89
MNA3891BBE - 95-97
Buy used or: %20MNA3891BBE&pageSize=10&layoutId=G&excludeTurnedDown=false
Your gearbox is AdWest, you need to use the original JLM10838 repair kit zestaw uszczelnień przekładni kierowniczej JLM10838

used kit … unresolved leak, I ordered a reconditioned steering box that arrived yesterday, coming week they mount it … I update you! fingers crossed…

I bought this Scatola Sterzo Jaguar XJ (XJ 40, 81) | eBay
I hope it is good for my 87 Daimler 3.6 this Wednesday we mount in the car…

I confirm that the purchase of an Adwest MMA3891AAE remanufactured lasted 6 months! Now the steering box has a bad play and needs to be replaced … where the heck do I find an original CBC4925 box in decent condition? I am desperate…

Google searching for that part number (CBC4925) gave me lots of sites, have you tried that?