Steering rack number part

the seller offers me to rebuild my old original, send it to Italy and then I’ll send his faulty Adwest to him … what can I say? I think it’s fine … no?

From my Jaguar warranty experience back when these cars were relatively new is that we had dealers attempting to rebuild/reseal these Adwest racks. The track record was not good in spite of our TSB instructions. For customer satisfaction we ultimately changed the policy and had them just change the rack for a new one. And if I recall correctly, sometime around 1992 we shifted over to ZF made racks on new cars and as replacements… I think, but an not sure, they can be retrofitted to an earlier XJ40. Can anyone confirm.

are you saying that my problem could be the rack to be replaced and not the rebuilt steering box? I tell you this because the seller told me that maybe I solved it by changing the rack … but my mechanic told me that the game is in the box not in the rack … but now I am having a thousand doubts. do I also buy a new rack?

Max …

Your '87 XJ40 has a steering rack, there is no steering “box”. What is your mechanic talking about ??

The steering rack is attached via a universal joint to the steering wheel shaft which of course is attached to the steering wheel … all mechanical, nothing there to leak.

Cars that don’t use a rack and pinion use a steering “box” which can be powered or not.

The only thing I can possibly think that you mechanic is referring to would be the rack tower, but that is an integral part of the rack

groov … I laugh to keep from crying, given all the time and money I’m dedicating to this cat. I am a designer and I do not understand anything about automotive mechanics … my mechanic uses simple and certainly improper terms with me to try to make me understand things, but he has already mounted the revised one for me so he certainly knows the device that mount. when the seller asked me if the game was in the “case” or the “rack” my mechanic told me "the game is in the box … then I saw that the seller suggested a new rack I thought this was something of external to the image of the device that you have attached. very simply I tell you what happened … my box was bleeding oil like a waterfall so I find this overhauled, for 5 months everything seemed to be fine, then instead I started to feel one strange click turning the steering both to the right and to the left, then this click started to reflect itself on the wheels and turning the steering from a standstill you can see that the wheels make a click at that moment … now you can even hear some strange noises coming from the box and the steering wheel must have blown a tooth because it has become wrong … in short, after 6 months we understand that this box has problems.Now the German seller has proposed to me to perfectly overhaul my old original and to send I bring it back to Italy all at his expense … that’s all … but I wondered if I shouldn’t change something else to make this steering perfect.

Buy a used ZF and you’ll have peace of mind. They also fit from the X300.
Here you have for 140 Euro.

Yes, I can confirm that. I have a ZF replaced and it works great.

Maybe you are right but now I have to settle with this seller and he offers me a full refund with the return of the revised one he sent me or he sends me directly my CBC4925 revised in all its parts at no additional cost … I later at his charges I postpone the faulty one … but the CBC4925 is always adwest right? so if they suck so why did it last 33 years ??

Adwest became famous for its unsealing. She also lasted 31 years in my car, but it was raining mercilessly. I have purchased a Adwest’s (Jaguar oryginal) repair kit and intend to have it restored.

ok … but my question is: does my well-revised one do it at least a few years? because I am 1 year after this steering wheel … that zf you indicated to me is not revised and as a payment it would be useful to be able to use PayPal at least you have a minimum guarantee …

…came! BE24146…now we try it…

Tomas and Max,
I replaced the seals of my leaking 1989 Adwest rack last spring and the rack has worked flawlessly ever since. I used original Jaguar seal kit and also added a tube of Forte Power Steering Treatment. You can find the description of the replacement here:

Hi, can I change the cbc4925 with cbc9053?