Steering rack refurbishing

(Eric Feron) #1

Hello all,

Since I took out the engine and the front assembly, I thought I would get the steering rack refurbished.

I am quoted $325 to get the job done by a reputable specialist house. Which sounds reasonable and would save me time. But need to add $150-$200 for shipping back and forth unfortunately.

I am thinking of doing this myself now. Does anyone have a recommendation on whether or not this is a diy job?


(Frank Andersen) #2

In principle, Eric - doable with a rebuild kit…

…however, most DIY rack jobs seems to fail fairly quickly. There is more to the rack that meets the eye…:slight_smile:

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #3

My rebuilder - known for many years - tells me he is happy to multiple kits to gifted amateurs. After making one or two kit sales he gets to rebuild them properly. He rebuilt mine two years no leaks. Great. Paul

(Eric Feron) #4

This is what I thought :slight_smile:

Is it a job that has to be done by a jaguar specialist or “any” local refurbishing shop could do?

I am just annoyed to have to pay so much for shipping back and forth.

(Eric Feron) #5

This is not cheaper, even with free shipping, with life time warranty, and I still have to pay shipping of the core.

(cdscds) #6

Have you tried calling a rebuilder in the Bay Area?
I remember straight line in San Jose is one such company, mind you, I haven’t lived there for quite some time.

Is it a tall tower, or a short tower?


(Eric Feron) #7

I’d love to find someone local, I much prefer keeping business in the area. Don’t even know what to look for? I see folks specialize in mufflers, transmissions etc… But steering racks?

Tall or short tower? I have no idea. How do I figure it out?
Can you tell from the photo?
Uploading: IMG_20190119_110504.jpg…

(John Quilter) #8

Based on my years in the Jaguar warranty department in the USA we had the retailers rebuild the racks. The results were not generally good even though they had been factory trained. After many years of poor results with racks and many promises from the maker of improvements made we finally abandoned our supplier (Adwest?) and had ZF design and build a clone which we fitted on new cars post, IIRC about 1993. ZF racks were also what we supplied from that point on as replacements for the XJS and XJ cars. The leaks and other issues virtually disappeared.


i used phoenix rack and axle here in phoenix. i want to say i paid $250 with a lifetime warranty and they gave me the poly bushings for it.

(W. Schuster) #10

Eric! I did mine on my 69 e type and the other on my 78 xj6.

If you have some time, do it yourself. I’ll guide you step by step.
But make sure you get the right kit and a good one.

My e mail is ewschust1357@ Walter

(Eric Feron) #11

Do I have a tall or short tower?