Steering rack upgrade

Good evening everybody,

as you may remember I had trouble with my leaking early long tower AdWest steering rack in the course of my last MoT. While some thorough cleaning got me through the reinspection I kept an eye on the market and found a ZF sportspack steering rack for a >1994 XJS. I know that these racks are far superior to the original AdWest and even the racks ZF built later on to AdWest specifications.

I am aware that due to the shorter tower I need a longer lower steering column (which I have got), metric tie rod ends and metric hydraulic pipe ends. I even had realized earlier, that the hydraulic pipes need to be reshaped as the AdWest rack has the joints on the lower side, while the ZF rack has it at the upper side.

My question starts here: as my car is a RHD car, the rack tower is on the right side of the engine, just below the oil filter. And as it is an early version it has the horizontal and voluminous canister type oil filter. So there is certainly no room to allow for hydraulic pipes entering from the upper side into the rack tower.

So, for my eyes it looks like I’d have to replace the canister type oil filter with a modern type mounted to an adapter.

Is there anyone around who has been there and done that? I’d love to avoid the scars … Maybe the conversion is simple on LHD cars, but has anyone done it on a RHD car - what did you do to the oil filter?

Thank you all and best wishes


Hi Jochen, this sounds like a good project. My S1 still has it’s refurbished Adwest, so can’t help there but I can advise that using a Series 3 filter head and spin on filter will save some room. I can get you a picture on Saturday. Oil pressure runs higher as well, for what that’s worth. Cheers.

Thanks Paul!

Sorry for answering so late! I’d be more than happy to see the arrangement with the 90° adapter, in particular, how far the filter is still taking space outside the block surface.

An adapter moving the oil filter 90° forward or rearward, but in a horizontal position would appear ideal to me, but still I’d be happy to hear from 6 cylinder RHD owners who did this transformation successfully.

Thanks all have a nice Sunday evening


75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)