Steering tilt motor

97 steering tilt motor relay location ? thanks bill


There are no relays for the column motors. They are driven directly from the Body Processor Module.

Thanks eric. i will have to look for a different reason that the tilt motor takes 5 or 6 times pressing the switch to lower it. bill

Do you hear the motor run each time you press the switch? If so, the trouble may be with the flexible drive. IIRC the drive is short a multi-stranded wire cable that frays and eventually breaks.

Thanks eric. when i press the switch it moves down a little bit each time after a few times it will go down the rest of the way normally. it go’s up like it should when you remove the key. I have a 2000 xj8 for parts if they are the same. bill

Just guessing here but possibly the position pot is faulty or needs cleaning or some mechanical problem such as the drive. I think you will have to take it apart to find the problem. Have no idea if the XJ parts will fit. Wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

If you have JTIS the instructions are in section 57.40.40. If you don’t have it I can PM a pdf of them to you but you won’t get the drawings.

Yes the position sensor fails and the column acts the way you describe. I replaced dozens and dozens when I worked at the dealer.
The X100 and X308 use the same tilt motor assy.

Be aware that you should set the feedback and mechanical limits to the same point so it has a position reference point.