Steering unit S-type 1968



I have a few questions about my steering unit of my S-type 3.4 (1968). The power steering is working properly but the steering unit is leaking and I would like to repair this. A few questions:
1). Does I have a first- or second-type Burman steering unit? I attached some pictures after removal of the unit.
2). Is it doable to replace the sealings of the unit by myself?
3). SNG offers a sealing set SU9001. Does this fit on my type of Burman steering unit?



Hi Harrie,

This is a Marles Variomatic steering box.
Very hard to find parts for this box.

The last few months or so of Stype production were fitted with the Marles box.
It’s the same as on the 420.
These were run out models some of which were fitted with with a mish mash of leftovers.
Some also had the later 420 brake calipers and Rover 2000 master cylinder, but with just a single circuit.

Yes, the good news is you have a Marles Varamatic unit. I have one fitted to my 1967 Mark 2 3.4. It had been leaking for some time. When I spoke to a specialist who rebuilds them last August, he suggested before I incur the inconvenience and expense of removing the box and having him replace the seals at considerable expense, that I drain the power steering reservoir and refill it with a product calls Trans-X. That was five months ago, and the power steering unit hasn’t leaked ever since…

There are 2 seal kits needed, both readily available, Internal and External

Got mine from David Manners

here is how to do the job, the box is the same as the Landrover unit

Adwest steering rebuild youtubes MKX-420G-420-Daimler - Saloons - Jag-lovers Forums (

I have the same unit in my '67 420. I bought the external seal kit from SBG Barratt. I’ll be pulling my steering box next week.