Steering wheel cleaning

Just purchased a 1970 E type. The steering wheel steel is tarnished… any quick and easy cleaning tips?

Steel? Whst E-type is it?

Hi Howard,
Congratulations on your purchase. Maybe you should post a photo of the steering wheel. As far as I know, the original steering wheel has an aluminum structure with a wood rim. Assuming that is what you have, I would try using a good aluminum polish to clean the spokes on the wheel.
Good luck.

If it’s an original S2 wheel it would have been brushed aluminum. You’re welcome to polish it if you wish but a more original finish would be to sand it with increasingly fine wet paper until you get up to 800 or 1000 grit. Try not to get the wood wet unless it has a very good finish left on it.

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You may not have an original wheel. The one in my 69 S2 was replaced with a wood rim Moto-lita. Its spokes are polished. To keep it shiny, I use Wenol metal polish. It has a good amount of jewelers rouge in it. Use clean t shirt material and keep turning the cloth. Good videos on youtube, for hints. The Wenol is also great for polishing other shiny bits.

Thanks all! I’m new to this forum and amazed at the responses which did the trick. Steering wheel metal looks great now……happy days!


Quick and easy are two words that do not apply to E Types

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As soon as I read this, two words popped into my mind which are used a lot in the 356 Porsche world which I also inhabit: “consistently inconsistent”.

Like my TR 3. An English auto with attitude!

For the final touch, on all polished aluminum, use a clean cotton or microfiber rag and cornstarch. You will be amazed at the final result!


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