Steering wheel movement

1997 XJ6 has up and down movement while in the driving mode. When retracted with the ignition off it has no movement? What to do to cure the movement?


I’d love to know too

I was disappointed not to get a response for the steering wheel movement for either of us! Have you heard anything not written here? I’d still like to know “What can be done about the 6-12 movement in the steering wheel, when driving, while there is no movement when in the locked position with the key removed” I know this problem isn’t as sexy as “how to go 150 in 10 seconds” but I do wonder if something is too loose and ready to fall apart. Any experience taking a steering column apart?

I’ve not heard anything. or learnt anything.

I have had the column out before, so I could remove the fan blower.

I can tell you the column is very heavy. (airbag and motors) and very difficult to refit due partly to weight, and getting it on the splines for the wheel to point ahead.

Therefore I would NOT recommend taking it out for a look!
I hope its not about to fall apart.

Mine is a 2001 model with only 26K Miles.

Hi Bill and Andy,

And here I believed I was the only one disappointed with the unwanted X300/XJ6 steering column up/down movement.

For years I asked Jaguar mechanics about this and all told me that it was normal, “they all seemed to do it”, and there was no repair for it.

Well, not quite so. After finally getting an opportunity to remove the steering column, careful inspection made the problem cause obvious.

The weight of the steering wheel assembly is concentrated on a steel pin that rides in a guide cut in the cast aluminum steering column housing. The “normal” steering wheel position has the deepest trough and so moves the most.

Fortunately I found a very good used steering column with no discernible wear in it. Transferring the parts has been a bit of an adventure but the irritation of the unwanted up-down steering wheel movement is behind me.

As you mentioned Andy, the re & re of the steering column assembly is a task not for the fainthearted, but it is very doable if the unwanted up-down steering wheel movement is keeping one up at night.


Thanks for the info.

I had a quick look in June, but couldn’t see anything obviously led upside down in the car!

My two cents…This was an issue from day one as one of the first memory settings back in the day.
in 1995 when my first one was new, I just set the position, then TURNED THE BLACK KNOB ON THE COLUMN to leave it there, or the bypass switch some call it.
Your done forever.
If you change your style , turn on the key, turn the knob set to the new position then turn off the knob
Make sense?