Steering wheel play on s type

hi all, i have a 1965 s type with power steering. how much play can you have on the steering wheel and can the box be adjusted.


For 1965 you have 2 different boxes, a Burman of the later Marles variomatic.
These old boxes are always having some play, 5 cm play at the outer rim on the steering wheel is quite normal.
Some adjustment is possible, but not very much (described in the service manual )
When you change the old rubber “tie rod pin and bush” with a upgraded one, will improve steering a lot.
( part 133101U at SNGBarratt )

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I would consider that undrivable.

I would agree, my S never had much free play & was rock steady.
I agree check the rubber bush & pins, also check all the tie rod ends, but check first if there’s lost movement in the box i.e. can the input shaft turn a bit before there’s any movement of the steering arm.

Curiously, when I enquired of my “blue slip” certifier (having bought my Mk2 in Victoria) he advised that the NSW RMS requirement is 5cm at the wheel perimeter. I thought this excessive as well. My Mk2 made the cut but really improved after poly insert pin and bush replacement, steering box overhaul, “spheres” in the uni joint below the firewall and ball joints (of course). It will never feel as direct as the rack and pinion steering in my other cars, partly because of ratio, but it’s pretty good now. And not overly heavy anymore!
PS. the new Retro RC001 tyres are surprisingly good on the E Type!

Glad you like them!!!