Steering wheel switch packs


Can anyone tell me if the ICE and speed control switch-packs on a 1998 308 should illuminate with the dash lighting? Mine never have and I would like to see what I’m doing at night!


Certainly the ICE should be lit up. If by “speed control switch-packs” you mean the cruise control toggle, it’s not lit but, when activated, the LED in the switch should glow red. If you mean the controls on the steering wheel, then no, there’s no lighting there. I figure that’s because they’re isolated from other switches so couldn’t be confused with others, plus their operation is pretty intuitive: top button to increase, bottom to decrease, middle to cancel and the rear to resume.

These are the switches I am talking about

I was hoping they would be backlit like the window pack switched in the doors - when driving at night you can’t see them and choosing between them is by feel and guesswork.


No, they aren’t lit on steering wheel

One hates to think how many sales Jaguar has lost down the decades because they did not realise how difficult it could be to choose between left hand and right hand, or between the top, middle and bottom buttons. That said, for those who have difficulty with the concept, Jaguar kindly provided a volume knob (clockwise for louder and anticlockwise for quieter).

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