Stereo in E Type

Nice clean installll

My 67 fhc came with speaker grills, no speakers, in the back where the access panels are. Currently no radio installed.

Do you have any pics of that? One of my original ideas was to fit the speakers behind the access panels and making speaker grilles to take the place of the panels themselves. That didn’t work because the boot lid latch cover is fastened right over the access panel on that side. The other side where the boot lid hinges are covered was clear, however. You might be able to see it in the pics I posted earlier but the cubby lid is blocking the view of the bottom of the boot lid latch cover.

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I don’t have pictures. The speaker grills were an egg shape with, I assume 2 small speakers from Radio shack. The normal flanges were cut and bent in to fit what ever the speakers were. I have since re-upholstered the car and put it back to stock. I did put in some speaker wire in case i ever wanted to try to put speakers back there.

Ah just turn it off and sing your self. Born to be Wild


Exactly the tune blasting on the 8 track, I-70 Kansas, doing 75 when I was 18 heading to Colorado in my Midget when the oil filter seal blew. Didn’t feel so wild at that moment. :flushed::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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No… then it was, “Born To Be Oiled.



Back in my 8 track days I always thought you could put oval speakers in the rear access holes, fabricate a wedge mount and it could easily be returned to stock no cutting required . Sound quality didn’t matter with Slade Sladest

I bought a pair of 4" X 10" speakers in black plastic wedge shaped enclosures to go with my 8 track player. Compared to the factory radio and speaker in most cars in 1967 it sounded wonderful.

An 8 track was a big deal and then a Craig Cassette player oooh :open_mouth:

I’ve been driving my car with the mono Blaupunkt Mississippi and the single speaker for a few weeks now. With the windows down on the highway going about 70MPH, it sounds fine. I’m sure it sounds nothing like the systems you guys have come up. Some very creative folks on this site.


This may be taking things a bit too far, but I felt guilty adding the stereo, so I made a “1969 Jag” playlist on Spotify. It consists of over a hundred songs that would’ve been on the radio when my car was purchased new. Adds to the experience on days I feel like setting a certain tone.


What a great idea! Sort of turns your car into a time machine.

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Sure, I had that in my 1st iPod (2002) and 1st E-type (1966) through an FM transmitter. 1966 playlist (and 1967, 1968 and 1969.)

When I picked up the 1972 OTS from Munich in 2013 and it had a modern CD player fitted by the PO I only had English rock from 1972 with me. Time travel indeed (Machine Head, Vol. 4, Demons & Wizards, etc.) YMMV.


Save that: yer grandkids may find it valuable in their dotage!

Think Atari…:grimacing:


Don’t about the later, but have I ever thrown anything away? Not really, it’s at the city garage, connected via that Panasonic car stereo system for occasional use. :+1:

Cheers! :beers:

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“Creative Auto Boutique” had their custom fabricator made a speaker enclosure for JL audio 6" x 9" speakers, (NOT to be confused with JBL). The enclosure is covered with black carpet, all rounded corners and inclined a bit. He also placed a circular piece of black acrylic to which I attached a JAG patch. The sound is INCREDIBLE, and it actually looks like it’s built in. All music is controlled by JL bluetooth audio with my I Phone as a source. Easy removal for Jag shows. I hope the photos download for viewing.


Gary - looks original and professional.
One tip when posting sequential photos: insert a carriage return (place a blank line) between them. Makes for easier viewing.

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“Carriage return” ? Boy you date us all! No one younger than 50 probably knows that entire term!!!


@Wiggles likes to test vocabulary
I enjoy a little Trivial Pursuit