Stereo system info

Does anyone have any info on any the stereo system for a 96 XJ6? Speaker dimensions, power output, any info works help. The previous owner blew out the speakers and I’d like to replace them with some nice after market speakers.

Not the previous owners fault. They are always dead. I would be interested to know of a good replacement as well.

Try … They have researched all major makes and models and can tell you exactly what will fit in your car.

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I’d continue searching forums.

I know that the XJS comes with 5-1/4” speakers. I found out that some 6-1/2” speakers will fit in my opening! (Alpine and JBL fit, Rockford Fosgate does not)

Had I simply listened to Crutchfield, I would probably still have 5-1/4” speakers to this day.

There has to be someone out there that has already posted their experience with speakers on your model.

Not to sound completely anti-Crutchfield, I would like to say that I eventually did buy speakers from them. They were able to help me, based on the fact that I confirmed the Alpine speakers, that I did not love, fit. They were able to figure out that the JBLs I now have (and much rather prefer) would fit!

There ya go!

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So Crutchfield told you you had 5-1/4" speakers and that only 5-1/4" speakers would work?

I’ve seen cases where they don’t have the research done on a certain model, in which case maybe they go with the factory size as a best guess. But for the models they’ve actually researched, they’re very detailed. I’ve seen them give multiple size options, even some “modified fit” options with notes about drilling additional holes, etc.

In any case, I’m not suggesting that’s the only or even the best resource, but it’s worth a shot.

So there ya go!


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Definitely for my model was the previous owner… he put a system in the car and blew out the speakers lol.

Would you really believe that Crutchfield spent time researching an x300?

I think they know their market enough to know which cars to spend money researching.

As for those blown speakers, it they were original to the car, a gentle breeze could blow them out. They’re old, and the paper and foam used owes you nothing. Its time for those materials to degrade back to where they came from.

Did you check?

Damn you JagStax…

(the XJS is not researched, but the x300 apparently is)

I’ll be traveling to DC for about a week in late July, but I’m having trouble finding a reasonably priced rental car.

How does your Jag run?


The XJS is doing well…I’m concerned I have an AC leak, and it’s just so hot here in late July…