Still working on my rear end

Bit of progress over the last couple of days. Finished repairing the bootlid frame and aligning it with the tonneau panels:

…then spent a day aligning, adjusting and fitting the new aluminium skin. I have a set of soft-jaw door skin pliers to fit skins, but I don’t like to use them on aluminium, preferring a domed planishing hammer and a dolly in deference to the softer aluminium.

Both steel flanges on the frame and the inside of the ali skin got a decent coat of etch primer, and a double-thickness of clingfilm just to help reduce electrolytic corrosion. After the clingfilm was trimmed:

…and the reskinned bootlid fitted, awaiting detail alignment.

Then it was on to the left rear tonneau panel base repair.

Hopefully should have that welded tomorrow, then it’s on to the right side followed by the rear cross panel beneath the bootlid.

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Thats a brilliant idea!

A useful trick when working on steel frames with aluminium skins. Once it’s painted, it’ll get drenched in Dinitrol, too. It’s not foolproof, but it helps - my Cobra’s covered in the stuff…

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