Stinkin convertible pump seal!

So when i first started working on my 93 xjs I decided that since i had to replace the convertible top pistons that i would go ahead and replace the non-leaking shaft seal in the pump with the SKF 527935 seal, “just to never have to do it again”. Needless to say, I forgot to look at which way the seal was in and put the new seal i bought in backwards! So i pulled it out and ruined it! Argh! So i put the old one back in and yep, it leaked. I decided i had to tell the wife and buy another seal. I changed it and took for granted it was good, but then at tge start if this summer i checked my fluid and it was almost empty! Argh! So i topped it up and did some research and ordered 2 of the more recently suggested 125-0.375-125 seals from The O-ring store. I tried to put the first one in and the oring kept popping out so i thought “hmmm! Maybe if i install it with the oring facing the motor!” It slid in fine, but when i went to put the motor back on i couldn’t get the shaft through the hole! Needless to say when i removed it, it had ruined the seal. Argh! I put the second one in and fought with it to get the seal in with the oring in place. I finally got it and had to fight to get the motor on, but it finally went on! I got it all back together and tried my top. It immediately blew the fuse! I tried again and blew another fuse! I had read that sometimes loosening the motor bolts help it to spin and yes it did! I topped up my fluid and have been using the car for about 2 weeks. I just checked my fluid and yep, its leaking again! Argh! It is definitely leaking from the seal, and im guessing that i probably ruined that seal too! I didn’t see any cracks anywhere when i had it open, which is why im figuring its probably the seal still leaking! I had a really hard time getting the snap ring in too, as i really had to push down on the seal to get it below the ridge, but finally got it. Should it be this hard? Smh

just to save you some headache , SKF 527935 is NOT the correct seal , I have seen it on a couple jag forums , sometimes people post the wrong information.

Gotcha. Yeah i understand that. I tried that one and the 125-0.375-125 one from the Oring Store. Neither have worked properly

Gourgen, did you fix your pump? Just curious which seal you used if you did

yes I have fixed many pumps , my daily driver was repaired 11 years ago and it just started to leak again.
I sell those seals myself , however I can not advertise here as I do not want to break any forums rules .
just buy the correct seal your problem will be solved if you install correctly.

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Do you consider 11 years acceptable durability?

yes I do , what kind of warranty the auto repair shops offer you for thousands of dollars spent ?
1 year ? 10 thousand miles?

Ok so I was able to look into it today and I realized that I’m an idiot! I opened it up and the new seal that I had put in was destroyed. I had started thinking about it and part of me kinda remembered that the SKF seal had a metal “cap” on it. When I had put in the SKF, I apparently had put it in upside down and when I pulled the seal out I just put a new one in and buttoned it up. I had put the seal in a little box with the original seal, don’t ask me why, and I got it out the other day and looked at them. The SKF no longer had the metal cap on it! Sure enough I looked into the hole the seal goes into, and NO WONDER I had trouble getting the new seals in and to fit! The cap was in the hole, and since it was basically a press in fit type thing I didn’t notice it before! Drrrrrrr! Removed the cap with a little screwdriver and hammer and put the new seal in! So far no leaks! Hopefully it’ll stay that way! Yeah, the new seal went in nicely and the snap ring went in easy too! Live and learn I guess! Operator error!

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