Stolen car in Southern Idaho

Guys, I’m sorry for posting without a proper introduction. My name is Chad and I live in Boise, ID. Technically, in S Nampa. My father had his ‘64 XKE stolen yesterday sometime between 3 and 5pm. The car was less than 75’ away from him at the time. He was napping and heard a “thump or a crash” type noise. That woke him and the dogs up for a minute but he didn’t put any thought to it as there is some light construction going on across the street. An hour later he went outside to find the car was gone. We believe it was taken by a tow truck but not on a roll bed. The reason I’m detailing all of this is due the somewhat odd circumstances. When I got there, I found a large external gash in one of the garage door panels. This gash is about 36" from ground level. I’m guessing something on the truck nicked it as they were trying to hurry. We can see where the car was drug sideways on one tire to avoid a small shed but there are no marks made by a roll deck. The VIN # is J64889107 and it is Old English White with tan interior with wire spoke wheels. The car has an area where the paint/bondo/rust section was peeling off. Maybe 6" diameter or so----- I don’t remember where on the car. The only other identifying “mark” I can think of is that it had an aftermarket fuel pump installed 30 years ago.
Please contact me if you run across anything that may be associated with this @
Thx guys------------

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On a '64?

That is an odd VIN.

Sorry about this. We’ll keep an eye out. Is Idaho a hotbed of classic car theft? I have to wonder if it was drug addled teens. You mention the patina. Is it a running, driving car?

I suggest going through the Jaguar ads in Hemmings and Autotrader and Ebay. Alert every dealer you see listed there to the situation. At the same time find every classic car dealer in ID and alert them. Let Vintage Jag Works know. Then start checking Ebay for parts that look familiar in case they chop it.

FYI that VIN probably only appears on the title. I think CA added the J64. What’s stamped on the ID plate and the front frame member right side is just 889107. Is that a coupe?

Aha!!! That explains the VIN.
We’ll keep our eyes perled.

Thx for the VIN info. The car hasn’t ran in 8 years or so but has been under a cover. In other words, they didn’t drive it away. I’ve posted info on several Jag sites and FB. This sux. Thieves are the lowest life form. Thx for showing interest------

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Absolutely agree.

I suggest you also make a posting on XKE
XKE Data - 889107 - Jaguar E-Type (XKE) information, articles, photos and register

I just checked and there is nothing there on your dads car. Describe the car and situation, post any photos you might have, etc. Many knowledgeable people will check that site when they come across a car for sale. If someone sees that it was stolen they may contact the authorities or you.


I would suggest that you re-post on the Pub forum. You’ll get a much wider set of eyes looking out for your dad’s car.


No, they can’t drive stick


thx for the tip— I’m entering the data now

Dang, this is really a bummer. So it was obviously a stake out to have been stolen in such a manner.

Hopefully your dad had it insured through one of the classic car insurance companies (like Hagerty) for a ton of money, as they pay declared value.

I think it will be difficult for someone to sell this as a complete car, as it’s a very visible market. Guessing it will end up on eBay in pieces. So sorry!

From what I’ve heard in the past, the next stop is a shipping container on its way overseas. I’d be asking all the neighbors on the street and especially businesses if they have cameras monitoring the street.

Damn shame about the theft and I wish you
success in recovering the car intact.

I agree, overseas shipment is by far the most likely fate of the car unfortunately, IMHO. It would be difficult to sell the car parted out in the home country, especially if the serial numbers are on the parts and recorded.

Jaguar buyers will want to know those serial numbers, as opposed to Camry owners. And for a change, I’ll bet the value of the parts separately are not close to being worth what the car is fully assembled, again unlike more common machinery. And the community is tight enough that if the parts went on sale somewhere in the home country, there’s a high chance it would be flagged.

I don’t know if a car theft alert would tell Customs to note and flag vehicles being exported - I suppose the scoundrels might try to smuggle it out undeclared in a container. But there’s a chance that it could be intercepted on exit. Here’s a case where this happened:

Kind of brings up the question of taking the insurance payout… but in truth, if this is headed overseas, it will probably be restored (if at all by the thieves) overseas to take advantage of cheaper labor.

Good luck, hope the Jag comes home safely soon.


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I posted a note about your car on the widely-read, U.K.-based “E-Type Forum”.

Good luck!

Hi Chad,

Very sorry to hear of this, I will post it to the IBCC* web site.


*Idaho British Car Club

It’s gone out to the PTOA and several E Type owners in Nevada as well as the IBCC.
Fingers crossed.


Sorry to hear - this is terrible.
I hope it works out

Sorry to hear this! Up on Xkedata now. Paul.

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Thx------the support here is AWESOME!

Just a short update.— My wife talked to several folks on his street; one of which is a body shop a few blocks down. They have cameras with a really clear view of the street. They showed nothing, so we have to assume they drove in the other direction. His property is surrounded by a trailer manufacturing facility and they have cameras as well. We’ll know more about that later today after their IT department goes through the videos. Fingers crossed. Thx everyone!


Awful news - very sorry.
Let’s hope the security cameras reveal something.

The link I posted is not about your car,