Strange ABS Pump Assembly Configuration

Well, my replacement (used) pump assembly has arrived, in an attempt to solve my ongoing ABS issue. At the start, I notice that both the new pump and my old one have the same model ID # stamped on them: 10.0511-9023.1. They are both “Ate” brand, and also have a stamped # on them of “1BB42” and “13 V” (13 volts?). The Ebay listing for the part also indicated it was for '94 4.0 XJS, same as Superblue. Looking at the Jaguar Heritage website drawing of the pump assembly, it appears to resemble my replacement assembly. If so, then what the heck is that assembly on my car? :confused:

However, when I went to have the new pump installed, it appears that the opening for where the “Bundy” connector attaches to the pump assembly (i.e. from the brake line/pipe) on my old unit is on the “backside” of the pump – i.e. opposite of the side near the top where the accumulator attaches to the pump. On the replacement pump assembly, however, the opening for the attachment of the Bundy connector is on the top of the assembly, just above (about an inch or so) where the accumulator attaches to the assembly. :crazy_face:

How can this be? One thing I did notice is that the pump itself has a bar code label stuck on it (presumably from the vendor?) which is 10.0427-0793.3. Note that this # is not the same as the # stamped on the pump, but seems to fit within that same type of “classification” system for such #ing. :thinking:

btw, I did notice on my replacement assembly (although I have not looked for it on my old assembly) there is another opening on the top of the assembly, about an inch to the left of where the accumulator attaches to the assembly. On the assembly, this looks like it has some kind of large “washer” welded (?) to the opening, surrounding it. In the Jaguar Heritage drawing, it shows instead what appears to be a threaded opening with a very short bolt (blanking plug?) which screws into same, along with a sealing washer/o-ring below it. The bolt/plug appears to be of the “Allen” type. :thinking:

Here is the drawing of the pump assembly from the Heritage website:

The mysterious seal/-oring is marked as “3” in the drawing, although it is not mentioned in the actual list of parts, nor is the corresponding Allen bolt/blanking plug itself …