Strange brown 2-way connector in engine bay

Hi everyone

I just discovered an un-connected brown 2-way plug in the front left of my engine bay (US 1995 XJR). Where should this connect to? Did my mechanic unplug something by mistake?
The plug is marked with AMP 346304, is a 2-way junior power timer, and has a red and black wire, or maybe orange and black).

I would appreciate any input!
Photos attached

My guess is Coolant Level Switch. Is that wire Orange with a Purple tracer? My X305 is parked at work so I couldn’t check.

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That was my first thought as well. But should the low coolant light not be lit if the sensor is not connected?

I think this is a normally open switch. So disconnecting it and having adequate coolant levels are the same. The switch will make on low coolant level.

ah ok, that makes sense. I also found this attached piece laying around in the engine bay: it seems to be the coolant level sensor, and fits onto the brown plug. So maybe the mechanic got tired of always seeing the Low Coolant warning light on and just took out the sensor and unplugged the cable fro the sensor?

That would make sense. That’s the coolant level switch. Hopefully they didn’t do something to the hole this is supposed to go in to. From casually searching there seem to be relatively inexpensive replacements, considering the alternative of not having coolant and not knowing it.

It goes into the bottom of the expansion tank. I think you need to unbolt the tank to get it in. Maybe there mechanic forgot it and was to lazy to unbolt the tank.


do these coolant level switches go bad? Would it be better to get a new one?

They are easy enough to replace, I would just see if the one you have works.