Stromberg Float Height

I am struggling to get a definitive dimension for the float height setting on the 175CD-2SE. a review of the archive ranges from 16mm up to 19.5mm (measured with the body inverted from the body flange to the top of the float). I have a Haynes Manual for Zenith Stromberg carbs but this states and I quote 0.725" to 0.787" , 16 to 17mm !
Conversion of 0.725" is 18.415mm and 0.787" is actually 19.99mm (No proof reading going on at Haynes then!) and my Jaguar ROM doesn’t give a dimension.
Any opinions, or better still facts, would be appreciated…

(1973 DDS S1)

Hi Mike
The V12 E Type has the same carbs and the Jaguar ROM says 16 - 17mm.
My DDS Haynes manual (No 478) says 0.650" - 0.670" (16.5 - 17mm).
I used 16 - 17mm on my S3 V12 E having found all 4 at different heights when I bought the car and seems OK.
Hope this helps.

Thanks Bob, I’ll go with that too !
Best regards,
Mike (1973 DDS S1)