Stub axle carrier question

I was cleaning up the uprights today and found brown paint on both of them. Was there some kind of paint code used to identify these parts? The paint is the same color and in the same location on both uprights. It looks like a dollop of paint slapped on quickly on both.

Not to my knowledge. They would have cadmium plated from factory.

What you’ve probably uncovered is another Jaguar “little know fact”. Paint was dabbed on or smeared on several components. On S3 cars the rear IRS springs had paint swiped across the coils. Same for the transmission rear spring. There was a dab of Yellow paint under the oil cooler housing and on the rear of the cylinder heads. Blue paint was dobbed on one corner of the Stromberg carbs top cover. There’s probably more but without talking to those on the assembly line guess we can only guess “the rest of the story”… There was also body color paint (and tape) found on the undersides of bumpers. This was the final spray after the road test as told to me back in the 1970’s by the BL Factory Rep. The Blue paint would oxidize fast due to the high content of retardant added to the paint to make it flow gloss!!! Someone should capture all this in a book before all that institutional knowledge is gone!!!