Stub axle removal and output seal;

X Type Axle Stub

Hello Everyone,

I need some advice and guidance with my 2006 X Type. Recently it dumped all the transmission fluid out the left side out put seal (underneath is all nice a shinning now). I’ve made it as far as trying to remove the axle stub that goes into the transmission (see pic), I’ve read several post and now have more questions than answers.

First should there have been transmission fluid in that area? That being the transfer case, has an internal seal failed?

Second how do you remove the remaining stub axle? Some people say it just needs a good jolt (hammer, levers, puller etc) the workshop manual say it just comes out, some force may be necessary. It feels like something is holding in there and im concerned if i apply force i may break something.


I think you will find there is a spring steel ring that locates the drive hub in the trans housing.

Yes i’ve looked at pictures of new ones and noticed the ring. Is that ring sitting inside a grove and that is why i need to apply some effort to remove.

Yes, normally a shock type of effort rather than a steady pull.

Thanks I’ll give that a try. What about the auto transmission fluid in the transfer case, do I have an internal seal problem? Or is this normal.

Sorry I can’t advise on that as I haven’t been inside those transmissions

Thanks Robin. For anyone else it’s a front wheel drive, not being an all wheel drive it doesn’t really have a transfer box in the traditional form. It looks like a complete unit and therefore auto transmission fluid should be in that area. Am I right to think this?

Why is the inner CV joint disassembled?

It is a Japanese gearbox and like almost ALL JATCO gearboxes the axle simply ‘pops’ out of the housing.

XT307-S941 JATCO JF506E Transmission Replacement.pdf (1.5 MB)

Look at PAGE 12 of the TSB for info on removal.

Thanks I finally pulled it out after I made this inertia puller that I saw on you tube.

I noticed before I pulled it out I noticed a lot of movement, is that normal? I think it is but I thought I would ask.