Stuck Driver's Door!

Well, it looks like the first problem has arisen on my newly-purchased '92 5.3 coupe before it has even arrived here from Allentown. The seller was getting it ready before the transporter arrived to put it on the carrier and went to open the driver’s door, and it would not budge. :open_mouth: Thank God he happened to have the door panel off for some other reason at the time, or it might really be a “sticky wicket”. :rage:

Seller reports that when the outside handle is lifted there is a “clicking sound”, but that’s it. The inside handle fails to disengage the latch, either (I assume, using the fob, similarly). He has raised the rain sheet (or whatever Jag calls them) and tried to feel around inside the door with his hand, while standing outside the door w. window down, to see where the “break” in the handle/lock linkage system is, but w/o success. He has even taken a fiber optic camera (e.g. “Lizard Cam”) and used it to snake around inside the door to see if he can spot where the break is, but also to no avail.

Any idea what the likely culprit(s) is? Hopefully it’s not something broken with a part of the latch assembly that is on the outside edge of the door, as, IIRC, that can only be removed from the door while it is ajar (i.e. the mounting screws go from the outside of the assembly into the door edge). I know the older Jags (XJS, XJ40, X-300, etc.) did have problems with a cheap-azz tiny plastic piece in the door handle linkage that would suddenly fatigue and snap apart w/o warning, frequently, but IIRC that condition should not disable the door from opening using either of the two handles. :thinking:

I have told the seller it is imperative he at least get the door unstuck for now, so that the transport driver can get in/out of it whenever needed, between there and here. Otherwise I might get hit with an “inoperable vehicle” surcharge (typically $150.00), b/c the car would then have to be winched onto the carrier rather than driven. I don’t figure he would be keen on trying to slide across from the passenger side in lieu of that. The good news is the seller has some familiarity with Jags (and has mechanic experience), as he used to be a dealership salesman many years ago. Also, he currently works at a large “pick and pull” salvage/breaker yard that supposedly does have some other XJSes in it, if parts need to be cannibalized (btw, this particular Jag uses the “flat key” for doors). I told the seller if he can at least get the door open then he can use duct/packing tape to put over the latch to keep it from securing again, and tape the door shut temporarily with 3 or 4 pieces of the same type of tape. When it arrives here, I’ll (hopefully) fix it properly. To help him out in this endeavor, I have sent him photocopies of the pages from the Jaguar factory repair and factory parts manuals re: the door handle/lock assemblies. :pray:

Thanks for your help!

O.K., glad I wasn’t stuck out on the road with that issue, since nobody jumped in. :disappointed:

Anyway, to respond to my own post, I received an email tonight from the seller and he happily reports that after looking at the factory illustrations I sent him he determined that the problem was that one of the pair of adjusting rods had come out of adjustment somehow, and that’s why the door was not unlatching. Ten minutes later, and the door is now functioning perfectly again. Phew! :relieved: