Studded Winter Tires 2022

I just installed a set of Cooper winter (Ice & Snow) tires with studs on my Wagon and am pleased with how they perform. Took the car up skiing yesterday. It was no test for the tires, as the road was mostly bare; however my friend commented on how quiet the tires were, given that he couldn’t hear the whine associated with studded tires.

The old all season tires taken off the rear were worn smooth while the ones off the front were in reasonable shape. I’m taking the car into my mechanic next week, to put it up on the hoist and see what’s going on with the suspension. I’m going to have him check everything.

Are they a dual compound tire, like Blizzaks?

I don’t know. They are rated for ice and snow, so they may be.

I’ve had the tires for a couple of weeks now and am very impressed. A week ago I took the car up the Banff Jasper highway as far as Bow Lake on a torture test. The road was hard pack snow and ice with large snow banks on either side. The tires handled it with good traction. I’ve sought out icy spots to test the studs. Most times it’s like dry pavement. The few times the ABS triggers, it’s very brief.

Yes. I have never heard of anyone who tried them being disappointed.