Stupid XJ Questions about hardware

Okay guys, project is stalled, need some answers.

  • Where do I get new nuts for the intake manifold? All mine are gross and I’d like to just order new ones, but … I read this car isn’t metric or SAE, it’s some dumb size. So what hardware can I get? I would like to get copper plated nuts, or something cool, the car isn’t stock anyway. Any ideas?

  • Speaking of intake nuts, I want to chase all the threads. Again, with it not being SAE or metric I am lost. What type of die do I need here?

  • I am looking for the clips that go onto the choke system on the SUs, that clip onto the bent rods. I accidentally broke one, and if they’re cheap I’d really prefer to just order all new ones. Anybody have a part number or source?

Ok so i’ll just get my crystal ball out to find out what XJ you have…damn battery flat in the crystal ball so you’ll have to enlighten us, not such thing as a dumb size…so year model - engine size & so on…as for nuts and bolts i usually go to a nut/bolt specialist as they have it all, just need a sample. carby clips etc, surly you have a carb specialist not too far away, be cheaper then pay for a brand name…if your really stuck you could call david @ …i’ll just keep trying with the crystal ball till ya post info.

crystal ball


I think your XJ is prior to about ('77 ?), when many fasteners became metric, but the earlier vehicles had mainly imperial, manifold nuts are a very common size, would be available from a fastener specialist (sorry cant remember size, but info available in archives)

bronze nuts used to be used on the manifold studs

Some SU and Lucas fasteners are Whitworth (most carb parts are Whitworth)

I have tools in all sizes

You will need to purchase the correct taps and dies if you want to use them

IIRC, the nuts that secure the exhaust manifolds to the head are 5\16" UNF, the one securing the downpipes to the manifolds are 3\8" UNF.and all are brass. Stayed the same for all XK engines. Brass nuts should be freely available from engineering outlets, although the larger ones are extra long for extra grip. Any exhaust shop should stock them if the engineering shop doesn’t.

Nuts will be UNF(fine)…the studs will be unf where the nut fits but UNC(course) on the end that fits into the ali head…Steve

What he said…

He’s talking about the inlet manifold nuts guys.

Yes exactly…and thats the answers weve given

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Not all responses have been WRT inlet.

Inlet manifold uses 5\16" UNF steel nuts.

WHY can’t people describe the car they have? Are we supposed to read your mind?

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have anyone noticed Rob hasn’t come back…greg, you can borrow my crystal ball, got new batteries for it>>>
crystal ball

I agree with you. If you look back at my posts over the past 20 years or so my most common reply to a post is “What year and model Jaguar are you asking about?” because the original post did not include that information. Quite often the original post was to the wrong list, so I no longer guess. If a post does not include the year and model Jaguar they are asking about I either delete the post or ask them to identify the year and model Jaguar that they are asking about.


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