SU damper gap question

Can anyone tell me if the damper gap shown in the photo is correct for an E-type?
Is there any metering slot in these things, or is it just the bore to sliding piston gap?
I am actually running 2 HD-8’s and am at the carb tuning stage…

All the E Type dampers I’ve seen have a washer about 1/16" thick between the brass piece and the stop on the bottom - so yours are not the same as mine. A couple of years ago Peter Crispin and I got into a discussion about these on the forum as to what the washers are for - in his view they slowed the piston from rising, in my view they facilitated the piston dropping quickly when you got off the throttle.

Thanks for the input. I made some 1/16 inch thick brass washers with plenty of clearance on the ID, for underneath the piston. When I move the damper up and down it now catches much quicker on the piston upstroke than It did before. I have yet to drive the car. Hopefully this solves my slight acceleration leanness.

It WILL make a noticeable difference…I have used small “E” clips ABOVE that floating piston to limit the float…the open areas of the “E” allowing the oil to flow through the piston unimpeded. Too much play, or float, causes a lean condition upon throttle opening.