SU fuel pump location - hard to get at the banjos

Using the correct mounting hardware, getting to the top banjo is just about impossible. Anyone modified the mounting hardware to move the pump lower such that both bolts can be accessed via the provide opening, using a socket?

Your '68 must be different from my 69…

FHCs and he 2+2, as Les has, have a more restricted access to the fuel pump since the access post must be cosmetic. we can either reach up from below or struggle with a smallish oval access hole where you have a much larger trapezoidal opening to work with.

You can see the vinyl covered cover for the access hole above and to the right of the spare in this picture.

Yes, I’m afraid so, per John’s pic…

Consider yourself lucky Geo…and it looks like there’s more room than there really is to wok with on the 2+2…makes no sense really, larger cabin, plenty of room to provide a larger access panel…oh no!..