SU HD8 Carburetor wanted

Hi Andrew,

It is Jason that was looking for a carb. and I had one on a shelf that he can have.

BTW I volunteered to help with the file transfer from the old forum but nobody has got back to me.

Best regards


Art. I am going to pass. I appreciate it very much and realize you went to the trouble of photographing it for me but I think I’ll need something more complete than that. Thank you very much and I’m sorry!


That’s OK. I managed to identify the carb. as an AUD114 which makes it suitable for a Rover. I also found the float cover so I’ll clean it all up and put it on EBay.

Good luck with your search.



We may have what you are looking for

Not sure what he was after but that carb won’t fit an E-type or XJ6: too tall (assuming it is actually a 2" body, not 1.75”). Strange, double vac take-offs too. The fuel fitting should swap out.