SU HS8 overhaul and other questions

(tony) #1

regarding overhaul of HS8, fitted to certain late S1, and early S2 XJ6

to remove the jet, I unscrewed the brass nut that connects the nylon fuel tube to the fuel bowl.

despite wrenching on it with pliers, the hose would not come out of the fuel bowl

does it need heat to soften it ? the new jet hose pushed over a nipple in the fuel bowl, or just jam in there with the brass nut?

any further force was going to result in the hose tearing

  1. When overhauling the HS8, is it standard to replace the Jet Bearing ?

I do not see it is readily available

I will be ordering some parts from SU Burlen

  1. I dont know what years HS8 were fitted to XJ, and whether they were on USA cars

In Australia, the transition from HD8 to HS8 seems to have taken place in '71

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #2

How are your throttle spindles?


(Paul Breen pay palled it) #3

Worked out the italics, I think.

(tony) #4

on the 2 that I will be working on, that is a good point, which can be checked

with the HD6 or 8, if I can detect sideplay of the shaft in the bush by wiggling it by the end,
thats a fail. about half in my collection are fails

I wonder if a dial gauge would be more objective than feel

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #5

I did it off feel as well. My two on the XJ6 were fails. On removal both scored for half the diameter - but bushings were OK with no play on the new spindles. SUcarb have them and front and back are different on an XJ6. Were not outrageously expensive IIRC.

(peter balls) #6

Tony the tube end is straight with a sealing ring fitted, a good pull required !!
I don`t think the jet guides need replacing ( I am rebuilding 3 ) unless the jet and
guide are matched, a word with Burlen perhaps.
71 - 74/5approx yrs fitted,
Peter B

(tony) #7

thx Peter, are you also building a triple HS8 set ?..that is what I am doing

luckily I have 6 x HS8…4 are in excellent condition, 1 is ok.

On the last one, I needed to tap the jet out of the bearing with a punch.

the jet tube does not return freely within the bearing under the force of the u-shaped jet return spring, even after I wet & dry the jet tube a little

while it is not absolutely needed to OH this one, it would be handy for my trial setup

I did send Burlen an email, they advertise LH and RH jets, one is listed out of stock
(you probably got the last one :grinning: ) their picture does not help

I call them front or back ?

(Paul Breen pay palled it) #8

They will still make stuff up. They just wait until they have enough orders for a production run. Mk2s have an unusual style of SU pump - I ordered in June, was delivered in November.