SU Tri Carb job on a '67, lessons learned

Nothing ground breaking here. The biggest revelation was that I really didn’t need a major overhaul but doing so was a great learning experience. I really did not have a complete handle on all the fine points and now I do. My 55 year old teflon shaft seals actually looked pretty good although I did replace them. Seeing how easily the choke linkage and fast idle screw can mess with the throttle plates was a biggee, These settings and getting all the other linkages in place so that the throttle plates and jets are in their home position is very fiddly and it took me a fair amount of time to get them right. I have the Haynes SU carb book and it was great, the nominal tuning positions were a great starting point as the car started up immediately with them in place.

So if anyone is contemplating this as a diy my advice is to go for it, questions/comments welcome.

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Indeed, but once aware of how they all interact, it becomes easier.

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Getting ALL of the linkages properly set is probably the MOST important part of getting triple carbs working right, and many people simply don’t take the time to do it properly. It is fiddly, but they will never work right if you don’t get it about perfect. Once set, don’t ever change it again, and they will work for decades.


Yup, that was pretty much #1 Lesson Learned and it was for sure 100% worth the effort to get a handle on it.