Substitute fuel pump. Xk 120

Hello Folks,
Can one substitute a round bodied fuel pump from a 4.2 e type for the square body pump? If so can it be done using the original male fittings from the inlet and exit pipes? Or are there any other fuel pumps that can be substituted?
Many thanks
Wes Keyes
York Maine

The answer is a qualified yes. The standard points type fuel pump from the E-type will bolt right up to the XK120 frame and the XK120 fuel lines will mate perfectly to the E-type pump. The E-type SU electronic replacement fuel pump will too but is negative polarity and will quickly fry when wired into a positive ground electrical system.

Thanks Nick. That is what I needed to hear. One of the usuals has them. They are half the price of a square bodied one.

Wes Keyes

Hi Wes,

They are easy enough to rebuild. If you are missing one square body pumps turn up on auction sites often enough.


I rebuilt my original square body pump. Cleaned up the points mechanism and installed a new diaphragm assembly, new fuel resistant gaskets. Setup per the manual. Works fine.

I’ve rebuilt about a dozen of them, new diaphragms and points, and converted them to transistorized operation, so they are completely reliable. I formerly did them using parts from Radio Shack, but they are gone now, and Burlens et al sell an electronic conversion kit which is even easier.