Success with manifold paint

Should I be so bold? The below picture is of my XJ6 exhaust manifolds after about 1500 miles. In the finish I gave up on the “high temp” and “ultra high temp” aerosols and went with a generic brand of pot belly paint I found in my mother-in-law’s garage. No outrageous claims on the can: perhaps it’s a case of underpromising and overdelivering? Just need to condition the new paint by adding progressively more heat over a few cycles. If I wipe it over it powders a little on the cloth, if I have to I will recoat in the future. More than happy after coming up to a year. FWIW. Paul


over the years this is the only paint product I have heard that will last

I like you have tied many high temp paints…they all turn to ash

the pot belly black I dont like the look, its so matt, but may have to succumb, as it does look better than rust colored in a detailed engine bay

was following with interest someone had posted a graphite based product, however, once applied, you can never paint over it

as far as I know, Jet Hot coating does last and look good

Mine looked really crappy on this car. Would prefer them black - maybe there is such a product in this brand? Will check it out over the next little while. As with all this work. as you well know, secret is in scrupulous preparation, Paul