Sucking Out the Remaining Coolant

(Lou) #1

I was at the garage today for the first time since well before the holidays. I want to thank the lister who suggested that I suck out the remaining coolant left in the block after draining coolant through normal ports.

I used a wet/dry shop vac with a 24" long 3/8" diameter plastic tube that I bought at the local home repair superstore. It worked perfectly to suck out the remaining coolant/goop. Was done in 20 minutes.

I also have the 7" long Q-Tips (from a local hospital supply store) to mop up anything the vacuum missed. Unfortunately, female threads for the head studs is more than 7" from the top of the block. So I drilled a 7/64" hole in the end of a 3/8" wood diameter dowl. I then jammed the end of the end of a Q-tip into the hole and wiped out any remaining liquid without fear of losing the Q-Tip.

Many thanks for the suggestion.