Suggested topics section

I may be the last to discover this nifty site feature; my apologies if it’s already been discussed.

I’ve seen for some times the “suggested topics” section at the end of current threads. After a while, I noticed that the threads were of interest to me. Still later, I noticed that at least some of them were ones that I had posted in. I remarked to myself on how clever the site is.

I just noticed today that (not sure) the suggested threads are those that I have posted in, but not finished reading! Appropriately, no suggested thread is presented as grey. On the XK Engine list now, I clicked on a couple and both had responses to my posts that I hadn’t seen. I had lost track, or the post came days after mine. Very cool!

This new site is LIGHT-decades better than the old one!

Thanks, admin team!

the newest “suggested topic” in mine is from 2010 and all the others are from '07. they are all topics that I originally posted.

Here is a link to the logic used to populate the suggested topics list.

The light blue circles near and topic indicate that they are topics you are following, and that there are unread posts (the number indicates exactly how many).

The interface is quite advanced, with many visual cues built in.