Suggestion for facilitating finding threads with solutions

As I already pointed out here, this site is arguably the best forum I have ever seen in terms of functionality, in addition to contents. Congratulations and a big thanks to the IT team !

One thing many find not straightforward, in any forum, is to find the information with the solution to a problem.

While that clearly depends on the feedback from the very same member who opened the thread and made the question, I wonder if it would not be useful to add an icon on the thread, e.g. a flag or something, showing that a solution was found.
And by clicking on it the reader would be taken to the explanation of the solution presumably made by the author . The status of the ´flag´ would be set by the author.

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Great suggestion, and it turns out there’s a plugin to Discourse for that.

I’ll look into installing it when I get a chance, provided it doesn’t interfere with any of the other plugins we use.



That would be fantastic Gunnar :slight_smile:
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People also often amend their own subject titles from “xyz” to “SOLVED xyz”.

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Hi Rui,

As the OP (Original Poster) of this topic, you should now see a small checkbox underneath each reply in this topic. Like so:

If you can see the checkbox, please feel free to tick it to mark your question as solved.

Once we’re happy that this works and doesn’t interfere with anything else, we can start enabling it for other Categories as well.



Hi Gunnar, done . I could see and checked the solved box, many thanks, I wish the IT where I work was that efficient :pray:
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