Suggestions for replacement headlights

Have a 1957 mk1 and looking for suggestions for replacement headlights. Want to stay with a classic look (Lucas, Marchal, Hella, etc) but also would consider newer Halogen type headlights. My car still has the original wiring with the Lucas generator. Suggestions? Thanks, Jeff Smith Atlanta, GA

I installed a pair of Wipac lights I bought in the UK, I like them, the lighting is pretty good and they look classic.

Hi Jeff, I have two NOS Lucas 7 inch LHD unsealed beam bulbs with seals and two bulbs. Presumably what the car would have had in the UK except they were RHD. The Lucas number is LUB319. They are surplus from my 420 restoration and just sitting on the shelf.

PM me if interested.

Hi Jeff, just checking to see if you got the headlights.

Best Regards,

We replaced with Lucas h4 halogen, and more recently swapped the bulbs for LED’s from - superb focus and brightness and minimal drain on the system.

Many thanks for the LED source, looks like a smart thing to do. JS